Women in Aviation | Middle East Chapter

our mission

At Women in Aviation – Middle East Chapter, our mission aims are:

  • To encourage women in the Middle East to seek lucrative career and educational opportunities in aviation and aerospace.
  • To provide comprehensive resources and benefits to assist women in their aims to achieve successful careers in aviation.
  • To serve as a regional hub for women in the Middle East to converge for assistance and support with regards to aviation
  • To provide a platform where successful women in aviation can support and inspire future aspirants in the aviation sector.
  • To promote educational and instructional resources among women in the Middle East with respect to aviation.
  • To promote accomplishments of women in the Middle East in the aviation sector as well as encourage women to join the growing aviation sector.
  • To assist women in securing jobs and advance in careers in the aviation sector through partnerships with top aviation companies in the region.
  • To challenge negative stereotypes that have formulated with respect to the accomplishments and opportunities available to women in the Middle East.
  • To provide equal opportunities for both men and women in acquiring jobs and educational mentor-ship opportunities in the aviation sector.

our vision

Women in Aviation aims to encourage women to take up opportunities in the aviation sector as well as provide a platform for aspirants to connect with successful women in the aviation sector.


omen in Aviation, seeks to be the premier gateway for women in the Middle East to achieving lucrative careers and educational opportunities in the aviation and the aerospace industry. Women in Aviation also aims to be a platform to bring successful women who have made their mark in the aviation industry to mentor and be a source of inspiration for women aspiring to be a part of the growing aviation sector.

The organization also aims to challenge negative stereotypes that have been formed about the women of the Middle East and prove that given the right environment and encouragement women in the Middle east can reach epitomes of success in all fields as their male counterparts.

“To most people, the sky is the limit – to those who love aviation, the sky is home.”

Board of Directors

  • Ms. Mervat Sultan
    Ms. Mervat Sultan President
  • Ms. Dina Bel Jaflah
    Ms. Dina Bel Jaflah First Vice President
  • Ms. Kristina Tervo
    Ms. Kristina Tervo Second Vice President
  • Ms. Farah Al Ansari
    Ms. Farah Al Ansari Membership Committee
  • Ms. Suaad Al Shamsi
  • Ms. Mariam Al Balooshi
  • Ms. Heba Hussain
    Ms. Heba Hussain Treasurer